Don’t Strike Out on Your Home’s Paint Job

Don’t Strike Out on Your Home’s Paint Job

Choose Team Renovate for interior and exterior painting

A little color can go a long way toward renewing your house. Team Renovate can paint the interior and exterior of your home. We can paint every wall, or we can just create an accent wall. You can choose from a variety of stains and wood finishes. Reach out to us today to refresh the look of your home with a new coat of paint.

Change the feel of your walls—literally

Team Renovate offers you different textures for your walls and ceilings, including:

  • Stucco
  • Venetian and Mexican plaster
  • Orange peel
  • Popcorn

We can also remove popcorn ceilings if you grow tired of that look. Our experts are dedicated to excellent customer service. Communication is an important part of that service, so talk to us today for a home that’s painted in the way you pictured.